You are welcome on the homepage of the Minimum Party Society. In case you have already known something about us, please take a look at our News section!
We are the members of the Minimum Party Society, which is a Transylvanian (Kolozsvár/Cluj) artistic group; we are young artists, who try to spread information concerning contemporary arts, we help to sustain the co-operation among the young Transylvanian artists and to help them to start a carrier. We aim to help the global artistic attempts and the experimenting spirituality. Our main characteristics are the following ones: spiritual freedom and artistic originality, nonconformist attitude, disapproval of elitist attitude.

The Manifesto
of the Minimum Party Society

1. Art – similarly to sciences – originates from the creative ability of the human
being and it is kept alive by this.
2. Definition: A work of art is that created thing through what art comes into being,
and what represents the object, objective and meaning or just only the possibilty
of art.
3. The above presented definition does not let us know which created thing
represents art, that is why the Minimum Party Society lays stress on the concept of
creation, what is a common point of all kinds of hierarchies of value.
4. Our camp is that place where we try to catch the process of the act of creation.
5. The Minimum Party camp redefines the concept of creative camp.

Main activities: 1) the yearly organised Minimum Party Creative Camp and 2) the periodically organised Charta Minimumia Artistic Festival; 3) yearly publication of a catalogue about the activities of points 1) and 2).

Periodical activities: lectures, happenings and expositions

We co-operate with both organisations from Romania and Hungary and with people (abroad as well), who help us in our activity. On this occasion we thank for their help.


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